A lot to shout about

A stunning current album, a new EP & single and a book of her life….Claire Hamill has a lot to shout about.

With one of the finest female voices in the UK and a repertoire of stunning compositions, Claire Hamill is excited.  Her current album – the first in a while – ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ is an eclectic melange of haunting melodies, evocative lyrics and contains many references to her musical journey, some harking back to her Irish roots.  As a recent reviewer commented “It has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.”

“I am so looking forward to this latest period of my life.  I am really happy with my new material, the book is coming along well and I promise all my fans to keep the website up to date with news and snippets of new music.”

Few British singers can boast performing with some of the most exciting musical talent the UK has seen – bands such as Wishbone Ash, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, and King Crimson as well as collaborations with Vangelis, Gary Numan and many, many more.

Soon Claire will launch her new EP and a single and she is on track for publishing her autobiography, the story of her amazing life and work… and that will definitely be worth the wait!

Autumn Gigs

Here is a list of my appearances this autumn.I hope some of you may be able to come and see me.


September 27th  with FRAGILE  at Trading Boundaries  East Sussex as part of a Roger Dean exhibition  8pm

October 6th         with FRAGILE  at Summer’s End Festival Lydney Glocs. 8pm

October 12th       with FRAGILE  at The Musician Leicester  8pm

October 13th        Solo  gig  at  Miki’s Bar         St Leonards East Sussex 4pm

November  10th   Solo gig  at   Miki’s Bar       St.Leonards East Sussex 4pm

November 16th     Solo gig   at  Gecko                St Leonards East sussex    9pm

December   6th     Solo gig   at  Gecko                St Leonards East Sussex    9pm

December 21st     with The Northern Boys      the Cons Club  Saltburn      9pm

December   31st   with The Northern Boys  The Catholic Club Billingham 9pm           01642 551137


For details of all FRAGILE gigs please go to      www.yestribute.co.uk



MP3 Madness!!!!

As I posted I have no more copies of ‘Stage Door Johnnies”‘Summer” or “Abracadabra”.Now unfortunately I am having problems with the MP3 Download facility on my site so





I will be updating my site very soon and everything will be sorted out then.


I am very sorry for any inconvenience





All CD copies of Stage Door Johnnies and Summer have sold out!

We are waiting to hear if the Cherry Red warehouse has copies of ABRACADABRA.

You are still able to download the albums and apologies for the recent mix-ups on that score.


Don’t bother trying to get anything on Amazon,these CDS don’t exist .You will of course still be able to buy second hand copies.

gig with the Northern Boys

Hi everyone

I hope you’re enjoying your summer.It’s been lovely weather here in England…hooray!

I have a gig in August with my Northern Boys,Al Harrington,Gav Bell and John Drennan,

It’ll be at the Catholic Club here in Billingham on Tees.Some of you may know that I’ve been living here in the Northeast looking after my mum for a while so it’s nice to play locally.

It’s on SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH     at 9pm.

The work on my book is all going well,I’ve written 32,000 words so far and I’ve just done a lovely photo session with photographer Graham Lowe,which I am very excited about.

I’ve been back in the studio to work on  my next album which will be called”When daylight Arrives” and I’ll be rehearsing with FRAGILE on September 15th ahead of our gig at ‘Trading Boundaries”on September 27th.We’re taking part in a Roger Dean exhibition.

We have two gigs in October,please refer to the Fragile website for info,and one in November in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.

So yes ,this girl is busy!

I’m off to Dublin on Wednesday to meet up with my old friend Rory Flynn.We’ll be spending a week in Glengariffe with our friend Ann Sullivan and then I’ll meet up with my girls on the 7th,we have a family wedding in Dublin on the 8th…..so happy,so excited about life.I send you all a hug xxxxxxx

FRAGILE featuring Claire Hamill ‘ONWARD 2013 Tour’ Official Launch

at The Rum Store, CARNGLAZE CAVERNS , Cornwall – May 18th.

Don’t miss the magical opportunity to witness the birth of this wonderful collaboration between Fragile & Claire Hamill.

The venue is absolutely Stunning…….listen to Yes music & Claire Hamill’s beautiful voice and songs deep inside Mother Earth, in a vast Cavern, surrounded by delicately lit rock strata, almost as though you are inside a Roger Dean image.  It has wonderful natural acoustics too.

We had a fantastic show here with Steve Howe in 2006 and we couldn’t wish for a more wonderful venue to launch this great new collaboration with Claire.

Carlisle gigs cancelled

Sorry folks the Carlisle gigs have been cancelled.The promoter has gone out of business! So sorry for anyone who has already bought a ticket and to any of my Cumbrian fans.I promise to get back over to sing for you sometime in the future.

The gigs with FRAGILE are all selling well.
St Neots
I’ve written 15,000 words for my book,so exciting!
I’ll be going back into the studio to do a few more tracks next week…wish me luck!
lots of love xxx

Northern Boys

I forgot to mention that my gig in  Osmotherly and the two Carlisle gigs in April will be with my Northern band, Al Harrington,John Drennan and Gav Bell.I hope to see you there…I’ll be the short one with the boobs…..

By the way,I have started my book and it’s coming on nicely.I’m really excited about doing it and going back down memory lane for you!


Hello everyone! I’ve been promising you some info on my upcoming gigs,Here you are!

February 22nd   The Queen Catherine Osmotherley  8pm

March 9th           The Cross Keys Leyburn  9 pm 01969 624702 to book a table

April 20th           The Brickyard Carlisle supporting David knopfler Tickets £15 ,doors 7pm

April 26th            The Brickyard Carlisle Supporting Martin Turner  Tickets £22.50,  doors 6pm

May 11th               with FRAGILE The Croft Hall Hungerford RG170HY. Tickets £10

May 18th               with FRAGILE The Rum Store Cranglaze Cavern  Cornwall 01579 320251 Tickets £17.50

June 7th              The Brickyard Carlisle Songwriters circle with Ken Nicol and Ian Parker doors 7.30 pm

July 11th               with FRAGILE The Robin 2 Woverhampton £10 advance £12 on the door

For more information on my gigs with FRAGILE please go to www.yestribute.co.uk

New AutoBiography New Band!

Hello dear friends.I hope you are having a fun New Year,Gong Hee Fat Choi or something like that! I just wanted to drop by and say hello and let you know that I have started work on my autobiography and I’m planning on finishing by the summer.However,I’ve never written a book before so who knows? it may take three weeks or substantially longer!

I don’t know if any of you have heard but I have joined a tribute band! I know ! I usually am quite scathing about them,at least I have been in the past but this one has such good musicians and I have such an affection for the music (it’s a YES tribute band) as I spent so many years around YES,I though well,why not? It means I might be able to come and play for some of you.The band,FRAGILE have kindly suggested that I do a couple of my own songs in the set.That’s so nice of them.We have had one rehearsal and it all went really well so I’m looking forward to a Prog. Rock summer! Their website is www.yestribute.co.uk

I’m still negotiating with the Eva Cassidy people about my contract so my album is still officially unavailable which is why you haven’t heard it anywhere or seen any information about it.The Eva Cassidy documentary that I take part in will be aired soon. As soon as I know a date I will let you all know


I’ll post info about the FRAGILE gigs and my own gigs very soon….much love xxx