Green Shoots


This was our first day of recording,at Savage sounds in St.leonards,East Sussex,where I live. We only have a small budget so the boys in my band worked extra hard at getting the tracks down quickly. We managed to record 9 tracks in 7 hours!!! That must be a record!

I'm doing overdubs and vocals at East River Studios in Hailsham where I'm working with a wonderful Sound Engineer called Kevin Jones. My friend Bob Mazzer will be taking a few pics there soon so I'll post as soon as I get them.

Some of the songs are old and some are new but they are all songs that are close to my heart with a couple of light-hearted ones in there for good measure.

They've never been released before so don't worry that I'm collecting songs already released.I'd love to make a collection of my Irish sounding ones but that's a project for the future.

Yes as the years go by I wonder why I keep making albums,but why not? It was a donation by a freind ,Barrie Hicks, that kickstarted this one.I had already recorded a couple of tracks with Andy Warren so the project seemed to organise itself.

Now it looks like these new shoots will be harvesting soon!

Watch this space!

Fondest love


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