" I was interviewed last night by Mark Chatterton for his YouTube channel ,"Mark Chatterton's Rock Pages". It was fun to go down memory Lane again,who doesn't like talking about themselves for an hour? The only problem is listening back and thinking, hmmn,that didn't come out quite right did it? Haha!"

Here's a link

"The FRAGILE album is coming on apace and I'm very excited about what we're achieving with the music.  I hope to get all my vocals done by the end of April

My own album has begun, I'm recording again with Kevin Jones at East River Studio and Max  Hunt from FRAGILE has agreed to play keyboards for me which is great!

I recently took part in the Beatles Day  Charity event in the town where I live, Hastings. It was an online performance and here's a link. I perform at around 20 minutes into the event. They are still raising money for The Sara Lee Trust which helps people with terminal illnesses.

So many of us have lost loved ones, it was great to help."

Claire Hamill Songbook out now

The Making of over dark Apples

 Claire's first foray into writing shines a light on her world and her work. The promised Biography of her life has morphed into a bigger project,exploring more of her songs and adding scores and descriptive photography.

It's a unique combination of anecdotes,exploration,poetry and music which combine to give an indepth look into the making of her latest album.

To order a copy,please email


Claire has recently signed a contract with Renaissance Records  to release her first four albums  worldwide on Vinyl.

The albums include liner notes and never before seen photographs from Claire's own collection.

Golden Fragments New Album by FRAGILE out now!

Fragile are back in the studio to record a follow -up to their album 'Golden Fragments." It was very well received by Prog lovers everywhere and the band are keen to make another album of the same quality and breadth. Claire will be contributing again with tunes ,lyrics and of course her beautiful voice.

"Hello darlings,

I hope you are all well and coping with the aftermath of the year we've just had! What a disaster!
How have we managed to cope without hugs and kisses from our loved ones? And the general chit-chat that makes our lives rich and meaningful to say nothing of pleasant and sweet?
Not all of us have been able to get our Covid vaccines, not all of us want one but I certainly did and the amazing volunteers that have given their time to "man" all the vaccination centres make me proud to be British, I can tell you! What selfless, generous people they truly are.

 I have tried to make the best use of my time during the lockdown, writing tons of songs and collaborating with Hayley McKay on two of them.
I liked the experience so much, that I have decided to offer my services, for a small fee , to anyone wanting to write songs with me in the future.


I had intended, with the help of dear friends, to film another live session for YOUTUBE, but that had to be postponed because of the November lockdown so I have created a set-up here at home to enable me to sing 'Live" and so I hope to be posting more videos in the near future.

Stepping away from Facebook has been blissful in many ways, as I was constantly anxious that I was commenting too much or too little but I can't stay away forever! So I'll be back very soon to keep you up to date.

As well as my work I am trying to do my bit for my family too. It's so wonderful to have my daughter Susannah, husband Tom and baby Wilbur nearby, it means I can watch him grow and change. It has been a lifesaver during these dark months of winter.
But spring is here now, springtime for lovers, thank goodness! So we can lift up our hearts again.

I hope you'll approve of the changes to the website, you can always get in touch with me through e-mail to let me know what you think.

Until then, take care of your dear selves and don't forget to pop to see my videos from time to time and as they say, " like, subscribe and share!"
Bye for now....


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