Welcome to my new website.I'm always happy to get your feedback so please get in touch with me about anything you'd like to see or hear.I'll keep updating as often as I can.It's great to be in touch with you! xxx


Here is a picture of me taken at South Gare in Teeside, U.K. just north of a town called Redcar. It was taken by  Graham Lowe.I try to get back there as often as I can.There is a saying that 'we are never so happy as when we are breathing our native air'

About Claire

Claire Hamill is a singer songwriter who has refused to be pigeon-holed by any one genre.She released her first album of songs on Island records when she was just 17.TV appearances and world tours followed .

Having worked with such diverse people as John Martyn,Vangelis,Ray Davies and  Wishbone Ash,she  continues to explore her musical world with a freedom afforded few artists.If she had to describe her music she would probably call it Gothic Folk with a rocky edge but would her award winning new- age album 'Voices' put paid to that assumption? Probably.To read more about Claire,please go to her Biography page.

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My New Single 

After 15 years my song 'Hey Diddle Diddle' came up for air.It's always a thrill to let a song be heard and to see what people think of it.
I realise it's a bit bleak in places but I'm proud of some of the lines so I hope you enjoy listening to it and yes,that's me playing the recorder! Who would have thought it? My primary school recorder teacher would be very proud!

I found the song again a few months ago on a demo and just thought it was quite apt for this time of change in our UK history.It's all happening folks, we can smell it in the air like wild animals.

 I follow a few YouTube astrologers these days,always interested in what their 'take' is on current world events. It's fascinating to see how their findings on the positions of the stars relate to our times. 

I recently learned that it's not a good idea to release singles,the people that upload the song info into the cloud don't like inputting the same song in  different formats,so it'll probably the last one I do, BUT I'm currently back in the studio recording again so we may see something by the autumn and yes...I'd better get the flippin book out too! Speak soon,lots of love xxxxxx

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