Claire will be performing 3 concerts this year.Please visit the Gigs page for more details.



Claire is currently in the studio making an album of Wishbone Ash songs with other ex member of the band, Merv Spence.They are each going to choose songs from the time they worked with the band plus four others.It's going well so far and they hope to release it during the summer.

Album Now Available!

Sweet Memories

Here's a Picture of Claire inthe 1980's

"While I was looking for pictures for my first songbook,I found this old photo of me taken in the 1980's.Hand on heart, I'm not exactly sure when it was taken but I think it was 1982/3. I was a moody little thing in those days,a throwback to the punk rock era when no one was allowed to smile! I thought you might like to see it."

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