My dear Fans,It has been so hard to reach you in these last few years. As you know I did have a tour booked last year but it came to naught! So I have decided to play 'Live" for you and post a video, hopefully fairly regularly so that you can hear me sing for you and to thank you for your continued support.

I'm starting this series"A Song on the Staircase".

When I was at school,St Mary's Convent Middlesbrough,I would often sneak onto the staircase that joined all the classrooms.Our building was brand -new and the reverb was fantastic.

The prefects would tour the building each lunchtime to make sure all the girls were outside getting some good old fresh Northern air!  They soon got used to me ,in a world of my own singing my head off, 'Oh it's just Josie Hamill" they'd say as they walked by ,rolling their eyes!

So I'm re-creating that scene. I hope to be singing on many different staircases in the months ahead. Please pop by from time to time and if you are happy to ,please subscribe to my channel.That would be fantastic! Much love as always xxx


"Winter's closing in".Dear Joni wrote those words so many years ago and I sang them too,so many years ago!

So what's been happening chez moi? Lots! I'm a busy bee as usual,looking after my family,mainly my grandson Wilbur and getting ready to move. Ugh I have so much stuff! Why am I so sentimental? Why do I find it so hard to let go?

On the music front the big news is that Cherry Red have released "A Pocket Full Of Love Songs" and I'm getting some great reviews which is lovely.Last night I did a podcast interview with Lisa from Big Blend radio and I have a couple more lined up in the weeks ahead so I hope to reach a wider audience...wouldn't that be nice?

I'm still going to church and loving it, I have to sing with the sopranos which doesn't suit me very well as I'm a mezzo and can't get top "E "any more but my voice is holding up surprisingly well considering I'm an old lady now !!!

My Japanese tour hasn't been finalised and won't be until the war in Ukraine is over,hurry up lads,I want to go back to Japan!

I was last there 35 years ago.I took Tara with me, she was about 18 months old. When we went to Tokyo Zoo ,the Japanese tourists wanted to take pictures of her as well as the bears,because she was so blonde! While in Tokyo we also saw the 'Sunflowers" by Van Gogh.It's such a small painting! I was amazed that something so small could be worth so much money!

After the disappointment of my cancelled tour last year,due to Covid, I didn't have the heart to book another and I'm very much needed here at the moment so I'm just doing little local gigs, although I will be returning to the North East in May.

In order to stay in touch with you all,I'm going to post little live videos, taking you all back through my musical history. I recorded three songs on Saturday night in the stairwell of a local carpark. My nephew Joe offered to hold the camera.

When we got there around 8.30, a group of about 6 lads were hanging about in there which made me jump! I thought we'd be alone! I was trying to suss the scene but they were just getting out of the rain.As soon as they saw the guitar and I explained what we were trying to do,they asked if they could watch and promised to be very quiet.They were true to their word and incredibly sweet and supportive.They told me to post the videos on Instagram and TikTok  and I'll take their advice...we have to listen to the young 'uns don't we?

As soon as I move which will be soonish, I'll be settling into my next project,my autobiography. I have to get it out of the way so that I can move on to new music.It's always bubbling up and I'm full of ideas and raring to go.

So my dear friends if I don't pop by in time to wish you a Merry Christmas, it'll be because I'm up to my ears in Playdough and bubble wrap. I'll be laughing my head off because I feel so grateful for all my blessings.May the joy of the season light up your world.

See you soon

Lots of love xxxx 

 I'm celebrating my birthday with a performance.My birthday is actually the 4th of August,not the 6th but I had a gig booked at the White Rock hotel,I'm doing a residency there now for the time being, so I thought I would have a party,no sandwiches or peanuts,just me hollering away and drawing attention to myself!

The last gig there went down very well so I was encouraged that I can still do it!

It's such a shame that I can't organise myself to do a tour, I did so much work organising the last one and then cancelled at the last minute (due to Covid of course) so it sort of "took the wind out of my sails" so to speak, never mind, you Mohammeds will just have to come to this little tiny mountain in Hastings ,where I will sing for you every 1st Saturday of the month. See you soon xxxx

The gig was really great.You could have heard a pin drop for each songwriter and what lovely guys Del and Gabriel are.Very different in styles,we all were ,but everyone said how wonderful the evening had been.

I met a new fan from Japan.I was wondering whether as a result of our meeting,I have been invited to sing in Japan next year! If you had anything to do with it Kaz,I'm very grateful!

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