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Hello darlings,I guess one good thing to come out of this awful time of lockdown,is the attention we have been able to give to our pet projects.I have discovered a renewed interest in myself! Hahahah!
Having my brother Damian here for the last two months has been such a blessing.He's a software engineer and spends his days in front of a computer beavering away creating amazingly clever things.As a consequence,I have been doing the same, and learning how to use imovie.
I had a bit of footage in the bag from when my nephew came to stay in 2018 and I also added to it when I went to stay with Rory in N.C.
So you are looking at two different continents,but the same ocean which is a good metaphor for a loving releationship, n'est pas?

I have to admit that it was a huge learning curve and is very amateur in parts but also beautiful,after all,what could be more beautiful than our lovely planet?...speak to all xxxxxx

Here is my latest live performance recorded just two days ago.I hope you enjoy it and that I get to spend more time with you in the future.Much love as always xxxx


Hello darlings,here is a little video of some images of what life in lockdown has been like for people here in the South of England.We're still soldiering on ,wearing our masks and gloves,hopping off the pavement to let someone pass respectfully by.In the meantime the summer heat has been getting to people,the murderous actions of brutal people must neverĀ  diminish our true respect and love for our fellow human beings. We'll get through this xxx

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