Welcome to my new website.I'm always happy to get your feedback so please get in touch with me about anything you'd like to see or hear.I'll keep updating as often as I can.It's great to be in touch with you! xxx


Here is a picture of me taken at South Gare in Teeside, U.K. just north of a town called Redcar. It was taken by  Graham Lowe.I try to get back there as often as I can.There is a saying that 'we are never so happy as when we are breathing our native air'

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About Claire

Claire Hamill is a singer songwriter who has refused to be pigeon-holed by any one genre.She released her first album of songs on Island records when she was just 17.TV appearances and world tours followed .

Having worked with such diverse people as John Martyn,Vangelis,Ray Davies and  Wishbone Ash,she  continues to explore her musical world with a freedom afforded few artists.If she had to describe her music she would probably call it Gothic Folk with a rocky edge but would her award winning new- age album 'Voices' put paid to that assumption? Probably.To read more about Claire,please go to her Biography page.


The warriors of winter 

Here we are and another Christmas is just on the horizon.Luckily for us in the U.K. winter has not arrived yet,we're all still at the stage where we're asking each other what we want as gifts.Do you do that? Or do you just get pot luck? I prefer to get things I need. I have taken on an allotment so I need gardening stuff (an allotment is a piece of land you hire to grow vegetables on)

I used to have 9 and a half acres of land when I was married but that was a long time ago now.I only have a little yard and a sunny wall to grow things along but you'd be surprised how big things get with a little sunshine and some water!

One of the greatest joys of my summer was discovering that I have a toad living outside my house.I feel very privileged to know that he has taken residence here and will help keep the slugs away.

I had the most wonderful summer,travelling to the USA to see my friend Rory Flynn at her house in North Carolina,going fishing in France with my partner Andrew (he fishes,I just loll about the place) visiting the North East to see my mum and brother,niece etc (and of course Rosie Potter) and then enjoying a massive Hamill clan gathering at my youngest brother's house in Essex at the end of August. I also played host to my brother Damian who was visiting from Thailand where he lives.We had a great time watching the world cup together and celebrating England's success at our local pub,the Horse and Groom.

What about the music? Well I played two festivals...is that enough? Hahahhaha! One solo and one with my Southern Boys band,I call them the Claire Hamill Band because I have two backing bands,one in the North and one in the South..Both festivals went really well and I've already been re-booked for the Festival of the Sea in Bexhill next September.

I managed to smuggle a wee guitar into the car when I went fishing with Andrew in august.That was no mean feat,but I'm awfully glad I took it with me because I was able to finish a song I've been writing for 15 years called 'The Duchess of Seville'.It's one of my 'story' songs. I'm in love with it at the moment and can't wait to record it soon.

My plans for the new album are taking shape,I'll begin rehearsals soon.You may recognise some of the songs from past performances but there's sure to be something to delight you.As ever I will pour my heart and soul into my performances for you.

My life is full,I have my wonderful daughters,my lovely partner,my dear friends and my music.I'm also increasingly interested in politics and I hope you won't desert me as I become more passionate about the world we live in.I'll always be a hippy at heart  but I shout at the T.V. more these days! Hey Ho,the joys of getting older!

Fondest love



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