I'm celebrating my birthday with a performance.My birthday is actually the 4th of August,not the 6th but I had a gig booked at the White Rock hotel,I'm doing a residency there now for the time being, so I thought I would have a party,no sandwiches or peanuts,just me hollering away and drawing attention to myself!

The last gig there went down very well so I was encouraged that I can still do it!

It's such a shame that I can't organise myself to do a tour, I did so much work organising the last one and then cancelled at the last minute (due to Covid of course) so it sort of "took the wind out of my sails" so to speak, never mind, you Mohammeds will just have to come to this little tiny mountain in Hastings ,where I will sing for you every 1st Saturday of the month. See you soon xxxx

The gig was really great.You could have heard a pin drop for each songwriter and what lovely guys Del and Gabriel are.Very different in styles,we all were ,but everyone said how wonderful the evening had been.

I met a new fan from Japan.I was wondering whether as a result of our meeting,I have been invited to sing in Japan next year! If you had anything to do with it Kaz,I'm very grateful!

New Album Now Available!

My Vinyl Has Arrived!

Thank You Rennaisance Records!

What a lovely surprise from the postman this morning,

(Actually ,she's called Vicky!)  These albums have lots of unseen photos and some liner notes written by me.It's weird to see your words in print. It's also weird to experience the flood of memories that come back when you hold a vinyl album sleeve in your hands again,a new one! Did I really record all of these? Where have the years gone? I must get back to writing those books next year. It's important that I get the memories down...before I'm too old to dream.....

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