Hello my darling fans! I just wanted to connect with you, I always leave it so long to reach out to you,but you know what? Life happens.

Right now we're in the weirdest time of our lives,locked away like frightened rabbits,trying our best to do the right thing but also hold on to some semblance of's not easy is it?
I find it hard to wear a mask when I go out,they look so peculiar but if it makes you feel safe and reassured,I'm certainly going to wear one.

Believe it or not,and some people don't given the job I do, but I'm a bit of an introvert so being alone has not bothered me too much and now luckily for me,my brother has joined me at my flat to spend the summer ,so I have someone to talk to.

I've been spending my time collecting together all the bits I need to compile my first songbook.It will essentially  be a book about my latest album'Over Dark Apples, containing the score and lyrics of all the songs,together with information about the recordings. I will also include stories about my life at the time I wrote the songs and what my life is like now.

It will be published on August 4th.

I have recently taken part in a cool app designed for Alexa,called 'The Handwash Jukebox'.Once you have created a link you just ask Alexa to open the Handwash Jukebox and it will play a 20 second piece of music or little song to amuse you while you wash your hands for the right amount of time.Here's an advert to show you how it's done

Sweet Memories

Here's a Picture of me in the 1980's

While I was looking for pictures for my first songbook,I found this old photo of me taken in the 1980's.Hand on heart, I'm not exactly sure when it was taken but I think it was 1982/3. I was a moody little thing in those days,a throwback to the punk rock era when no one was allowed to smile! I thought you might like to see it.

Photo of Claire by her daughter Isadora Austin

Photo of Claire by her daughter Isadora Austin

In 2012 I went to live in the Northeast of England to look after my mother who had the onset of dementia. I had sold my house and my children had all left home so there was nothing stopping me from moving North for a while.
It was great to be back there renewing old friendships, beginning new ones, and giving my mum quality time and homemade icecream!

While I was there I formed a band called the Northern Boys who went on to accompany me on my album "The Meeting of the Waters."

This photo of me was taken by Local photographer Graham Lowe at a place near Redcar called, South Gare.

I love being in the North. There's an old folk song I sometimes sing to myself,
"A North country maid off to London had strayed
Although with her nature it did not agree
For she wept and she sighed and she bitterly cried
I wish once again in the North I could be
Oh the Oak and the Ash and the bonny Ivy tree
Flourish at home in my own country"

I love living in the South and indeed,it's my home but my Northern roots will always be a part of my soul.
There is a saying that 'we are never so happy as when we are breathing our native air'

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About Claire

Claire Hamill is a singer songwriter who has refused to be pigeon-holed by any one genre.She released her first album of songs on Island records when she was just 17.TV appearances and world tours followed .

Having worked with such diverse people as John Martyn,Vangelis,Ray Davies and  Wishbone Ash,she  continues to explore her musical world with a freedom afforded few artists.If she had to describe her music she would probably call it Gothic Folk with a rocky edge but would her award winning new- age album 'Voices' put paid to that assumption? Probably.To read more about Claire,please go to her Biography page.


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