My Vinyl Has Arrived!

Thank You Rennaisance Records!

What a lovely surprise from the postman this morning,

(Actually ,she's called Vicky!)  These albums have lots of unseen photos and some liner notes written by me.It's weird to see your words in print. It's also weird to experience the flood of memories that come back when you hold a vinyl album sleeve in your hands again,a new one! Did I really record all of these? Where have the years gone? I must get back to writing those books next year. It's important that I get the memories down...before I'm too old to dream.....

Warrior Of The Water

Mike Marsh

When I opened the sleeve of October I was delighted to see this picture of myself and Mike Marsh.I had sent Renaisannce lots of pictures but I wasn't sure which ones they would eventually use so this was a lovely surprise.

I wrote "You take My Breath away" for Mike. I met him in North Carolina when I  took a break from my first tour of the USA to visit a friend I had met in London who was visiting her mother back in Atlantic Beach.He was so lovely and so funny and we were falling in love.I was just about to turn 18 and he was just about to turn 20.

I would spend my days during that short holiday,watching him surfing. He had been out that morning before this photo was taken hence the bare chest!

This photo was taken the morning  before I left for the airport.It was hard to smile and even harder to say goodbye .....

First Four Albums Re-Mastered and Now Available on Vinyl

 Renaissance Records US have now re-released Claire's first four albums, on Vinyl.

They are all re-mastered and sound fantastic.

The sleeves, although very similar, have new sleeve notes written by Claire and also include some photos from her collection.

To get a special discount, please enter the code, CLAIRE15 when you go to the checkout.


Tour Postponed until the spring



  Due to increasing coronavirus cases ,Claire has decided to postpone her celebratory tour until the spring.

She is currently recording her 15th album with engineer/producer ,Kevin Jones, and they expect release to be around Valentine's day next year.



Celebrating 50 years in the Music Business

British Tour Planned

 We can't let this year go without some kind of celebration,so  Claire is planning a tour to visit as many of you as possible.It won't be fancy, just back rooms of pubs etc, after all, she's  just a troubadour. It will begin in the  first week of October.So check back soon for tour dates as they are added. 

Latest News

Filming in cardiff

 Stephen Lambe (Summer's/Winter's End Fesival,recently got in touch with Claire to ask if She'd like to make a live video for his'Quiet Room TV channel.They met when she gigged at the Summer's End fesival a couple of years ago,with FRAGILE. The filming took place in Penarth.We'll be uploading some of the footage soon.

Thank You so much for all your votes! xxx

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