One House left standing 1971

October                               1972

Stage Door Johnnies          1974 

Abracadabra                        19 75

Touchpaper                          1984

Voices                                    1986

 Love in the Afternoon        1988

Summer with Andrew Warren   1997

The Lost and the Lovers             2004

The Minor Fall the Major Lift     2007

The Meeting of the Waters        2012

When Daylight Arrives               2015


When I was a child 1971

Smile your blues away 1971

Speedbreaker 1973

Geronimmo's Cadillac 1974

Rory                                1975

First Night in New York 1980

The Moon is a Powerful Lover 1982

Awaken:larkrise   1986

Glastonbury     1988

Domesday/Jerusalem 1989

Someday we'll all be together 1989

The Moon is a Powerful Lover re-mix 1998 

When are Wars Won? EP   2004

Claire performing with her Northern band


Over dark apples that grow into heather

And down to the ocean that leads to the world

And doves coo a greeting announcing our meeting

As we step on sea shells that gather in baskets

Aimlessly looking to see distant boats

And seagulls are shrieking to warn of our meeting

And we step on blindly no care for the future for we'll take our chances and join in the dance

For we still live in hope that someone will throw us a rope

We walk to the path that leads through the grasses and over the sand

Our hearts are coming,they follow our footsteps

Our hearts in our hands

And then comes the waiting and which one will reach out

Will it be you? Will it be me?

The seagulls are shrieking along the path down to the sea

I wait for the weekend then reach for the phone

Too tired of the fear of being alone

For love has a mind of its own..........

And then come the brushes that lift through the lashes

We stumble yet smile through the tentative looks

And we spend sweet hours and you give me flowers

We smooth the shadows and put down our burdens

And step through the heather that grows near my home

And you come inside

For love has a mind of its own...........

About the song

The search for love is an endless one .From the moment we feel that first kiss,the one that thrills us,we know that life will never be the same. Some of us get lucky,we find that special person who we can't possibly let get away and we build a life of contentment together .Some of us are not so fortunate and we are rejected or we feel trapped and have to get away.

Can we ,dare we go through it all again? Can we put  all those little pieces of our heart back together in some form,long enough to convince ourselves that yes,this time that special someone will be there,out there,aimlessly looking to see distant boats? Looking for us...

We must smooth the shadows and put down our burdens.We have to go where our hearts take us

For love has a mind of its own....